Mysterious author of Under The Hawthorn Tree causing a stir...


UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE began life as an online blog, before its writer 'Ai Mi' turned it into a book that has gone on to sell more than a million copies in China alone.  Published in the UK on 26th January 2012 by Virago, this heart-breaking story of love against the odds has caused quite the stir…

Huffington Post
“A good whodunnit? has always been popular in fiction, but the rarely does the mystery refer to the author rather than the story's characters…”
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“It has been snapped up by publishers in 15 countries who have been impressed by the fact that it has sold more than a million copies in China and inspired a film by an Oscar-winning Chinese director. Some publishers even bought it before reading a translation. Yet none of the publishers, translators or editors knows the author's identity…”
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Daily Mail
“The novel's realistic and detailed account of the Cultural Revolution - or The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution - has led many readers to assume Ai Mi is of the generation that experienced that tumultuous decade from 1966 to 1976 first-hand…”
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Quill & Quire
“During the first weeks of spring 1974, when Jingqiu was still at senior high school, she and three other students were selected to take part in a project to compile a new school textbook.”
So begins the English translation of UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE…”
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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