Jeremy Paxman

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Broadcast Work

Corporate Work

Occupation: Author, Broadcaster, Journalist

Jeremy Paxman is an award-winning journalist, author and television presenter.  He has worked for the BBC since 1977 and is the presenter of Newsnight and University Challenge.  He has presented BBC documentaries on various subjects including Victorian art and Wilfred Owen.
Jeremy Paxman was born in Yorkshire in 1950, educated at Malvern College in Worcestershire and received his degree (in English) from St Catharine’s College, Cambridge.
For three years in the mid-seventies, Jeremy Paxman was based in Northern Ireland, where he covered the Troubles for the BBC. In 1977, he joined the Tonight programme, for which he was a roving reporter. This was followed by five years as a reporter on Panorama, where assignments took him frequently to Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.
Since 1989 he has anchored Newsnight.  For several years, he also presented Start The Week on BBC Radio Four, and he became chairman of University Challenge in 1994. He has written widely for newspapers and magazines.
His books include A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING (with Robert Harris), THROUGH THE VOLCANOES: A Central American Journey; ; FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Who Runs Britain?; FISH, FISHING AND THE MEANING OF LIFE; and the best-sellers THE ENGLISH: A Portrait Of A People, THE POLITICAL ANIMAL and  ON ROYALTY. His book THE VICTORIANS on the Victorians as seen through their art was published in March 2009.  His most recent book EMPIRE: What Ruling The World Did To The British was published by Penguin in October 2011. The accompanying series will be broadcast on BBC1 in early 2012.
His charitable interests include homelessness, mental health and education. In his spare time, he goes fly-fishing.